Getting Over Opioids with Cannabis

Getting Over Opioids with Cannabis

Cannabis products are drawing interest among medical doctors and patients due to their analgesic properties. Research finds that proper intake of the substance can reduce chronic pain and inflammation. This can be used as an alternative drug to get over opioids which may not be safe and effective for some individuals. It contains cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, which interact with the endocannabinoid receptors, thereby producing healing effects. Millions of people across Canada and the US are now using commercial and home-grown marijuana supplements for medical and recreational purposes. Perhaps this might suit your health condition as well.

As you explore the cannabis market, you’ll discover many varieties such as edibles, oils, tinctures, vapes, flowers, and more. Each product contains a different proportion of cannabinoids, so the effects vary accordingly. If you’re looking to manage pain with this alternative drug, that might offer immediate and lasting relief. However, proper use of the substance is advised due to the risk of side effects, especially when the cannabinoids tend to worsen your condition. You can always play safe, though. Here, we tackle the potential use and benefits of cannabis, which may prove better than opioids in managing several kinds of pain.

What is Cannabis?

It is a psychoactive and therapeutic compound widely used as a natural painkiller. Cannabis has analgesic properties, which work well for some individuals. Many doctors and patients have been using this alternative drug to manage chronic pain and inflammation. The results are promising as anecdotal evidence shows safe and effective intake of the substance. But there are plenty of marijuana products out there, and the effects may vary according to such factors as metabolism, tolerance level, medical condition, and age. Suppose you’re gonna try any weed extract for this purpose. In that case, you should always check the certificate of analysis that contains all information pertaining to the cannabinoid and terpene content and other ingredients.

What are Opioids? 

These are drugs used to reduce or manage pain and inflammation. Medical doctors usually prescribe them to patients suffering from certain types of pain. You may also buy opioids over the counter. But the primary concern about this medication is the potential abuse and dependence. It can result in various complications that might damage your brain, liver, and other organs. That’s why they are also called narcotics. Suppose you have a persistent headache or muscle ache. In that case, you might be tempted to take opioid prescriptions to get immediate relief. Of course, this is warranted under prevailing circumstances, despite the cases of opioid overdose deaths. As a patient, you can decide which pain reliever you will use based on your doctor’s advice.

Cannabis versus Opioids for Pain Relief

Many studies have shown that cannabis is an effective medication for chronic pain and may offer several health benefits. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is particularly beneficial in decreasing neuropathic pain, even at a lower dosage. But the delivery method has a direct association between cannabis use and its effects. Researchers claim that the substance works better when inhaled rather than orally ingested.

Another cannabinoid that produces therapeutic effects is cannabidiol (CBD) which can calm your mind and body. There is an ongoing debate on which between cannabis and opioid is preferable among patients. Notably, the emergence of medical marijuana has pushed many individuals to stop using opioids. Patients believe that cannabinoids are better than opioids for the following reasons:

  • Better clinical results
  • Less severe side effects
  • Easier accessibility
  • Lower effects from withdrawal

How Does Cannabis Work in Reducing Pain? 

As with other drugs, cannabinoids also interact with the cannabinoid receptors, thereby producing healing effects. When you consume medical marijuana to manage chronic pain, the substance is metabolized in your body and enables the following functions:

  • Decrease the release of neurotransmitters
  • Fire descending inhibitory pain pathways
  • Minimize postsynaptic sensitivity and reduce neural inflammation

Notably, the delivery method for cannabis use is associated with the pharmacokinetic properties of the substance. When you smoke it, a maximum plasma concentration is produced within minutes, enabling desired effects that may last for hours. If you ingest marijuana orally, it takes 30 – 90 minutes to experience the full effects, but it would last longer.

Clinical Significance of Cannabis 

Medical marijuana is allowed for public use in Canada as long as you meet the legal requirements, such as having a doctor’s prescription. This substance is now being used as an alternative drug as it shows promising health benefits. Studies have shown that many patients have successfully substituted cannabis for opioid medication. Cannabinoids have been proven effective in reducing neuropathic pain and inflammatory pain associated with arthritis, cancer, and other conditions.

As more studies explore the medicinal properties of cannabis, the healthcare industry has already benefited from the initial findings among thousands of patients. The clinical significance of this product cannot be understated. It has improved and saved lives, especially among people battling chronic pain, stress, depression, and other common illnesses. But these health benefits largely depend on how you use cannabinoids to your advantage. You should seek proper medical advice if you want the best results from this alternative drug. Getting high-quality marijuana strains is also another story.

Getting Over Opioids with Cannabis

Research Findings on the Efficacy of Cannabis 

There’s a growing body of evidence showing the efficacy of cannabis for pain relief and as an alternative to opioids. You might as well enjoy these health benefits if you’re going to try marijuana soon. But remember that your medical condition and personal circumstances may challenge achieving the desired results. In most cases, a doctor’s guidance is essential to determine whether or not a cannabis product would give you the proper treatment. Take a look at these research findings and decide for yourself:

  • Medical cannabis is a viable alternative to opioids which can be highly addictive for some patients. Researchers continue to explore the substance’s potential health benefits amid the emerging opioid crisis, such as opioid analgesic overdose mortality, opioid use disorder, opioid addiction, and opioid withdrawal symptoms.


  • 90% of 2,100 respondents in the survey claimed that cannabis is very effective in managing such medical conditions as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 88.7% also said that the substance helped improve their quality of life.


  • 79% of participants revealed that medical cannabis had eliminated certain opioid analgesics, such as oxycodone and codeine. Cannabis proved safer and more effective than a prescription opioid for some patients.


  • 86% of subjects said cannabis intake helped relieve chronic pain, and 86% also assured that the medical condition did not interfere with their social activities as they consume marijuana.

Possible Side Effects of Using Cannabis 

Although medical marijuana is generally safe to consume, the risk of experiencing side effects cannot be ruled out. You might encounter red eyes, dry mouth, drowsiness, and increased appetite if you’re not comfortable with the product you’re using. This may also occur when the dosage exceeds your tolerance level or the substance is unsuitable for your needs. As a rule of thumb, consult a doctor if you’re taking cannabis for medical purposes. It allows you to determine the right cannabis strain and dosage that work best for your health.


Medical marijuana should be used as directed on the label or as prescribed by a healthcare professional. No claims in this article are intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any illness. You should check the health advisories and medical cannabis laws in your area to safeguard your interests. Consumer discretion is advised.

Using Cannabis and Opioids Altogether 

You can use marijuana in combination with opioids to manage chronic pain. That’s proven safe and effective by scientific studies. Some doctors recommend integrating medicinal cannabis into the patient’s therapy plan. Whether it works for you or not is for you to find out. Some products may produce adverse reactions, so you must watch out for that. The cannabinoid content and dosage also play a crucial factor in the effects of cannabis intake. This calls for proper clinical advice, especially among individuals just starting to use weed supplements for medical purposes.

Practical Tips When Buying Cannabis Products 

Over 100 varieties of cannabis products are available in local and online dispensaries. Each one has a unique cannabinoid content, so the effects vary accordingly. You must choose an item that’s suitable for your needs. Suppose you’re going to use it for managing chronic pain. In that case, several indicators indicate that a specific marijuana extract would address the problem. As a quick guide, here are a few practical tips to make a wise purchase:

  • Check the cannabinoid and terpene content
  • Pick the correct type of cannabis strain
  • Read product reviews and published studies
  • Seek medical advice for proper cannabis intake
  • Shop at a reputable marijuana dispensary


Is cannabis cheaper and more effective than opioids? 

It depends on the cannabis product that you are using. There are expensive and affordable brands in local and online dispensaries – some are more potent and effective, too. You have to choose according to your preference and needs. To make an intelligent purchase, you must read product reviews and examine the effects of cannabinoids. Some marijuana products work well with chronic pain, so explore the market and find that variety. When in doubt, ask your marijuana doctor or the budtender for recommendations. How you use the product will also influence the effects – don’t forget that.

Do you need a doctor’s prescription when using cannabis?

Either you get a doctor’s prescription or you don’t – it depends on your medical condition and the laws in your area. If you have severe pain, you might need a proper diagnosis by the healthcare provider to determine the right medicine that works for you. There are also cannabis dispensaries that require a medical card before allowing patients to purchase certain weed products. For your safety, consider a proper consultation with your doctor to know whether cannabis is more appropriate than opioids to manage your health condition. Better safe than sorry later on.

Which cannabis variety is suitable for your medical condition? 

There are several cannabis products available in local and online dispensaries to meet your needs. Edibles, vapes, flowers, oils, and other varieties are now sold like ice cream among young and adult folks who enjoy the euphoric and therapeutic effects. But not all choices would suit your needs – remember that. You should always pick the product that contains cannabinoids and other ingredients that are ideal for your medical needs. If you’re working with a marijuana doctor, trust his expertise and do your homework by accessing published studies and reviews on cannabis. The choice of weed products can make or break your expectations.

Can you get medical cannabis from online stores? 

Yes. Each online cannabis dispensary has its policies for the sale of its products. You may be required to provide personal information and register on their website to get started. A medical card may be asked from you before accepting your orders. Companies are obliged to comply with state and local laws when selling cannabis products to customers, whether it’s for recreational or medical purposes. But the whole process can be much faster than going to local dispensaries. Once you have all the requirements, you can browse the online store and place your orders immediately. For quick and hassle-free transactions, try the quality marijuana products and services of Leisure4c!

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If you’re constantly battling chronic pain, stress, mood swings, and other medical conditions, there’s hope in cannabis. This substance’s healing properties and effects can potentially improve your health and lifestyle. This benefit has been shown in many scientific studies. As such, millions of people are using marijuana products regularly. But to reap all the rewards, you must pick the right variety for your needs. You must examine the cannabinoid content and other ingredients and seek medical advice if necessary. For your ultimate advantage, get your cannabis supplies from our store. Leisure4C is a trusted brand in the weed market. We offer premium cannabis products to satisfy your medical and recreational needs. Shop with us now!


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